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ENVIRONMENTAL MOORINGS INTERNATIONAL is a small company with a mission to help protect the marine environment of tropical coral reefs.
Our objective is to achieve this as economically as possible by providing environmentally sensitive, embedded Marine Mooring Anchor Systems to prevent physical damage to corals.  

ENVIRONMENTAL MOORINGS INTERNATIONAL will consult and coordinate consolidation of all materials and equipment.  We supply all components including all the necessary hydraulic installation equipment. 

EMI is available for complete installation services, or we can conduct onsite training and installation incorporating your personnel.

ENVIRONMENTAL MOORINGS INTERNATIONAL can also supply and install demarcation or regulatory buoys for marking the boundaries of protected areas.


An order for mooring materials is a complex arrangement of multiple pieces of equipment and materials necessary to implement the project. 
No other company is carrying out this total function.  Many individual vendors would have to be contacted by someone very familiar with all the needed components, and individual purchase orders would have to be issued for each vendor.  This would be time consuming and costly. There would be a high probability of getting mismatched equipment and materials.

All the specified components make up a unique combination of materials that are necessary for the mooring buoys to function safely with a minimum amount of maintenance in the coral reef environment. 

ENVIRONMENTAL MOORINGS INTERNATIONAL is the only vendor that can easily consolidate all of the correct components, including the anchor eye and mooring buoy specialty items, into one complete order. We have devoted twenty years of experience and modifications to bring the system to the present state of the art. The materials have been selected with safety, strength, and economy in mind.  
ENVIRONMENTAL MOORINGS INTERNATIONAL constitutes a sole source for this mooring buoy system.


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